Themed Events

There is an abundance of themed event ideas. These events can be home parties, weddings, corporate events, sporting events and community events to name a few.

Organizing a Themed Event

When you are tasked with organizing a themed event you have your work cut out for you. It takes a lot of planning and organization so the event can run smoothly.

Early Stages of Planning a Themed Event

When planning a themed event, it is important to start planning well in advance. Typically you should begin your planning 4-6 months ahead of time. Here are some simple steps to follow when planning your event.

  • Decide on the theme of the event
  • Set your goals and timeline for the event
  • Organize your team
  • Set your event budget
  • Create your theme event master plan
  • Set the date
  • Locate your venue
  • Find your partners or vendors
  • Decide on your main attraction
  • Create a publicity plan
  • Determine the flow of events
  • Post-event tasks

As you can see organizing a themed event takes a lot of planning and is a lot of work. Organizing a team to help with planning tasks can help alleviate the stress of it all being on your shoulder.

Organizing Your Committee (Team)

The team leader should hold regular meetings with team members. When working as a team in the planning and organizing of a themed event, the team leader can assign certain tasks to individuals. These individuals then become responsible for their assignments. The team leader will delegate these tasks to ensure nothing falls by the wayside.

Create Your Master Themed Event Plan

Your master plan should include all aspects of the themed event. The master plan should include:

  • The venue, catering management, logistics (permits, insurance, contracts, etc.)
  • Presenters and speakers if required
  • Entertainment and activities
  • Event promotion and publicity
  • Registration if it is required
  • Volunteer recruitment, management and responsibilities