Christmas Parties

One of the most popular times of the year for events is Christmas. Parties and events range from home parties to corporate parties.

Children’s Christmas Parties

Many companies provide their employees with a children’s Christmas party. This event can be any scale depending on the company and its budget. Typically the larger the company, the larger the party.

Organizing and Planning

Quite often companies designate a committee to organize their children’s Christmas parties. The planning can be labour intensive. The committee is responsible for setting the date, time and venue. The committee must first determine how many children will be attending the party, and what their gender and ages are. This is typically established by sending out an email to employees asking for their feedback on attendees. Food, snacks and beverages must be ordered. Then there is the task of organizing the ages and genders of the children for gift purchasing purposes. The committee is then responsible for purchasing, wrapping and labelling the gifts for the kids. The committee also must find a Santa Claus to hand out gifts to the children. Corporate children’s Christmas parties can be quite costly.

Corporate Christmas Parties

Most corporate companies provide their employees with a company-paid Christmas party or luncheon. The planning for this type of event should begin as early as July to ensure the venue is available. Closer to the date a designated employee or committee will advise employees of the date, time and location of the party. RSVP is often required to determine the amount of seating, and food selections. Some corporate Christmas parties can be elaborate and include silent auctions, draws, raffles and door prizes. This requires much more planning and work on behalf of the committee. Some companies may also utilize their Christmas parties as an opportunity to hand out awards for employee achievements throughout the year.