Carnivals are large themed events that take months and sometimes up to a year of planning. A popular annual carnival that takes place every year during the last week of August is the Notting Hill Carnival in London, England.

The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival begins with carnival parades through various streets in a specified area of London. The two-day event includes parades, tropical band competitions, warm-up parties, children’s events and entertainment, food stalls, music and many colourful dancers. This Caribbean carnival focuses on Caribbean traditions, history and culture.

Notting Hill Carnival Planning

Planning for the Notting Hill Carnival is a huge undertaking requiring the assistance of a large number of people. The Notting Hill Carnival has been added to England’s famous list of icons. It is the 2nd largest festival in the world. Features of the carnival that must be planned are:

  • Required permits and licences
  • Budget
  • Parade Route
  • Parade Floats
  • Parade Participants
  • Parade Costumes (approximately 15,000 costumes are hand-made)
  • Music Selections
  • Bands
  • DJs
  • Food Stalls
  • Children’s Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Carnival After Party
  • End of Parade Clean up

Small Town Carnivals

Many small towns host carnivals or fairs. This is a great strategy to bring revenue to their communities. It is also the perfect means for community members to interact. Carnivals and fairs provide opportunities for entertainment for all ages. Many small-town carnivals and fairs involve a handmade craft and bake section. This also creates opportunities for vendors to make a little extra money. It also provides exposure to their talents to community members. Typically small town carnivals and fairs are held around the same time each year. This allows members of the community to know approximately when to expect this event.

Seasonally Based Carnivals and Fairs

Many carnivals and fairs are based on the season. For example a winter fair or spring fair. Many communities hold various fairs year-round for the benefit of their communities.